Raymond Community Television

Raymond Community Television (RCTV) operates two Public, Education, and Government Access (PEG) Community Television channels on Comcast Cable channels 13 (Public Access) and 22 (Education and Government Access) in Raymond, New Hampshire. RCTV is overseen by the Cable Committee, whose members are appointed for three year terms by the Board of Selectmen.

Our facility is located at Raymond High School.  We maintain both analog and digital recording and playback equipment in our main studio as well as two single-operator multi-camera meeting rooms. We also have three hi definition camera/recorders that are available to Raymond residents and schools.

Programs seen on RCTV are produced by volunteers or Government Access Media Operators, whether it is a Board of Selectmen meeting, school concert, or even annual Town Meetings. Many Ch. 13 programs are “bicycled” from other towns or organizations.

Live Streaming and On Demand streaming of our meetings and Pubic access programs are now available at one web site https://raymondtv.viebit.com/

RCTV exists to give the residents, educators, and government in the community an opportunity to utilize the medium of television to communicate to the general public.