Mission Statement

RCTV is a Public, Educational, and Government (P. E. G.) Access television station. As such, its primary purpose is as a resource for the expression of FREE SPEECH. The fulfillment of that primary purpose fosters the secondary purposes which are:

1. A tool for communication;

2. A means of entertainment and information;

3. A means of education of the Townspeople of Raymond; and

4. To foster the spirit of community.


RCTV is run by the Cable Television Committee of the Town of Raymond under the authority of the Board of Selectmen which is the Franchising Authority. This authority was given to the Board of Selectmen by a vote of the Town Meeting. The committee consists of seven regular members, an alternate, one representative from the Board of Selectmen and one representative from the School Board. Committee members are appointed by the selectmen for a three-year term.


The Raymond Cable TV Committee does not produce any programming. However, as private citizens outside of the scope of their appointed status, these same people have the same rights as everyone else to use the resource of RCTV to exercise their First Amendment rights. The Cable TV Committee is a volunteer committee, which relies on other volunteers for many functions.

Raymond Board of Selectmen
Date of Approval: April 17, 2001