Community Bulletin Board

RCTV accepts announcements from Raymond area non-profit organizations, churches, and groups. Announcements can be submitted via the following methods:

Fill out our online submission form (Click here)

Email us:

Drop off at the Town Office or Mail submissions to:

RCTV, c/o
Raymond Town Office
4 Epping St.
Raymond, NH 03077

Tips for creating slides:

For maximum effectiveness, announcements should include only minimal text (who, what, when, where) about events and a contact phone and/or email address where viewers can find out more information.

If submitting pre-produced graphic slides via email, please use 640×480 resolution (design in landscape mode) and send in either JPEG or GIF format. Leave approximately ½” blank space on all sides, top, and bottom so characters do not get cut off by the edges of the viewer’s TV screen.


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